Liaani 1/2022 now available!

This year’s first Liaani is now available with a fresh new look! Go and see from the embed below, what kind of stories are in the magazine! Additionally, Liaani 1/2022 can be read as a physical edition at Hiukkanen’s guild room.

Board of Hiukkanen 2022

The board and board officials for the year 2022 have been chosen!


Chairperson: Kalle Lehtola
Treasurer: Jussi Koskinen
Secretary: Laura Sammalisto
XQ official: Salla Partanen
Fuksi captain: Mea Nevanranta
Guild master: Thao Mi Rintala
Studies official and vice chairman: Heini Pitkäranta
Event official: Mari Muurman
Tarzan responsible: Tuomas Haataja
Refreshment responsible: Anna-Maria Kervinen
Corporate relations: Anni Savolainen

Board officials

Alumni official: Jenni Sammaljoki 
IT officials: Samu Salko ja Tuuli Nissinen 
Graphic artists: Suvi Huotari and Vilma Lehtovaara 
Integraatiofest-official: Eino Suni 
Studies official’s assistant: Mira Säe 
International official & English bachelor degree official: Hugo Tulus 
Editor-in-chief: Suvi Huotari 
Sports official: Kiia Koivula 
Nakkifuksis: Kalle Karhapää, Hilma Saarinen and Samu Pyykkönen 
Treasurer’s assistant: Jere Nieminen 
Strategy official: Jasper Kosonen 
Event officials: Ville Musku and Niklas Järvelin 
Tarzan official: Samu Pyykkönen
TEK contact person: Jenni Sammaljoki 
Informational official: Tuuli Nissinen 
Prep course official: Laura Heikkilä 
Photographer: Vilma Lehtovaara 
Refreshment official: Kiia Arola 
Anniversary official: Iisa Aromäki
XQ official: Samuli Ranto 
Equality official: Milka Salo 
Corporate relations assistant: Mikko Suominen and Teresia Strandén 

In addition, fuksi officials Matias Rautanen and Mikko Savisaari will continue until wappu.

Congratulations to everyone and good luck for 2022!

Hiukkanen’s election panel

Tomorrow Nov 10 the members of Hiukkanen can ask our lovely board applicants (which you can see here) more or less tricky questions. Questions have been prepared in advance for the applicants, some of which you can see below.

  • Introduce yourself and explain why you are applying to the board next year? Why did you choose this position?
  • Give an example of success, for example, from your organization or study career
  • Tell one failure of your organizational or study career? What do you learn from it?
  • What is your biggest weakness and how would it show up next year in government?

In addition with these questions, other questions have been drafted but they will only become apparent during the interview. Members of Hiukkanen also have the opportunity to ask questions during the panel.

The panel schedule is as follows:

  • Start in Kampusareena auditorium on Wed 10.11. at 16.00. Applicants should arrive on time.
  • Questions common to all applicants
  • Position-specific questions in order:
    • Candidates for the formation of the Board and Chairman
    • Corporate relations
    • XQrsion official
    • Event official
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Studies official
    • Guild master
    • Host
    • Hostess
    • Fuksi captain
  • Finishing up