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Hiukkaskyykkä 2020

Year 2019 is long gone and what would be a better way to start 2020 than legendary Hiukkaskyykkä! Snowy wonderland at polymer halls calls to compete for the best kyykkäteam of Hiukkanen. The event starts 18.01. at 11 am and the finals will be played at 4pm. Put the date in your calendar!! Gather up …

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The Christmas Cruise of Natural Scientists

The sign up for the Christmas Cruise of Natural Scientists: Three people E3 69 €/cabin 3 ones available Four people E4 92 €/cabin 3 ones available Two people B2 72 €/cabin 3 ones available Four people B4 112 €/cabin 8 ones available Two people A2 74 €/cabin 8 ones available …

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Logo contest for the year of celebration

The logo contest ended and the board has voted for the winner! The point in this competition was to sketch a stunning logo for 30 year old Hiukkanen, which will be used in for example the special overall badge and social media. Six awesome pieces of work from three artists took part to the competition. …

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