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Hiukkanen’s Fall Hike

Are you already tired of just sitting and studying? Do you feel like you need some more fresh air in your life? Dou you want to see Finnish nature at its best? Join us in our Fall Hike 25.-26.9.! We will start the hike from the Obelisk on Saturday at 1 o’clock and return to …

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Hiukkanen’s 32nd Anniversary Gala

Hiukkanen’s 32nd anniversary gala is here! The gala is organized on 9.10.2021 at Kangasalan nuorisoseuran pirtti. The signup for these celebrations open 14 September, keep your ears and eyes open. The signup form and other information can be found in your email. Check out also the Facebook-event! We monitor the Covid19-situation in Pirkanmaa and take …

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Back to Zoom -sitsis

Welcome to the course HIUKK.RYYBS.0209 Back to Zoom –sitsis (1 credit)! This course will be completed alone or in a max 10 people group remotely (hopefully for the last time). The course includes one learning event on 2.9.2021 at 18-22 via Zoom. A prerequisite for this course is FUKSI.RYYBS.xxxx Fuksisitsis or other equivalent knowledge, so …

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It seems that the autumn is coming and it’s time to go back to Zoom. But luckily before that the SGU (sauna, barbecue and swimming) strikes again! SGU will be held on Thursday 26th of August at Suolijärvi beach and there’s guided activity for fuksies at 17:00 (5pm) and the rest of the members are welcome …

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Welcome fuksi!

First things first we want to congratulate you on getting your study place! Welcome to Hiukkanen! We are all happy to have you here! In the picture above from left to right there are your fuksi captains Samuli Aerikkala, Mikko Savisaari, and Matias Rautanen. They are here to guide you during the most hype year …

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Hiukkanen’s Summer Gathering 2021

Hiukkanen’s Summer Gathering will be held on 23rd – 25th of July in Vallittu’s camping center in Kangasala and the address is Vallituntie 140 36200 Kangasala. The sign up is now open and link to the sign up form comes here! Please sign up before the 11th of July. Come hang out and enjoy a summer …

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Liaani 1/21 nyt luettavissa!

Liaanin verkkototeutus jatkuu, mutta sehän vain tarkoittaa, että useampi ihminen pääsee siitä nauttimaan! Joten nappaahan itsellesi jokin lämmin juoma ja napsauta Liaani auki!

Kilometer race with Hiukkanen, Bioner and YKI

Do you wanna eat as many doughnuts as you can during wappu without feeling any guilt? Do you already love exercising or do you need some more motivation? Whatever your answer is, come and defend your quild’s honor in kilometer race between Hiukkanen, Bioner and YKI! You can contribute to the race by walking, running …

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IT IS TIME FOR WAPPU! And what would be a better way to start RemoteWappu 2021 than with Hiukkanen, Bioner and YKI’s REMOTE WAPPUSITSIT! The theme for these Wappusitsit is Wappu, which means wearing your long-missed overalls and most colorful clothes! The sitsis are held remotely on Zoom on Thursday 15.4.2021 at 18-22. You can …

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Spring Sauna goes remote

*Imagine birds singing and it’s snowing* Do you feel like something is missing from your spring? Do you want something else than Zoom? We have an answer for you! Hiukkanen will organize a Spring Sauna. This year Spring Sauna will be guided remotely, and it will include checkpoints. So gather 2-4 person group and go …

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