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Hiukkanen’s RankkaXQ

In three weeks we’ll go again, as Hiukkanen organizes THE EXCURSION, RankkaXQ to Helsinki and Lappeenranta on 27.-29.10.! There will be some rankka (=tough) action, atleast featuring: early mornings, late nights, company visits and a legendary XQ-CD. At Helsinki we will meet with local physicists from Resonanssi ry. At Lappeenranta we will meet with local …

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Hiukkanen’s FuksiXQ

Hiukkanen FuksiXQ is coming again on 1.10! Hiukkanen goes on a day trip to see about companies at Hervanta. We are visiting Department of Chemistry and Modulight. Night is continuing at Teekkarisauna. Join in on this journey and get to know a few firms nearby You and enjoy the Excursion! The event is FREE! Excursion …

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Hiukkanen’s Spring Excursio

HIUKKANEN SPRINGEXCURSION INCOMING!! Hiukkanen takes off to the southern beaches of Turku and Helsinki on Wednesday (my dudes) 11.3.-12.3. We will start with Turku and spend the evening there with local student associations Delta and Digit! Delta has mathematicians and physicists and Digit has IT and electronics teekkaris. The companies will be published later. In …

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