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It seems that the autumn is coming and it’s time to go back to Zoom. But luckily before that the SGU (sauna, barbecue and swimming) strikes again! SGU will be held on Thursday 26th of August at Suolijärvi beach and there’s guided activity for fuksies at 17:00 (5pm) and the rest of the members are welcome …

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Hiukkanen’s FuksiXQ

Hiukkanen FuksiXQ is coming again on 1.10! Hiukkanen goes on a day trip to see about companies at Hervanta. We are visiting Department of Chemistry and Modulight. Night is continuing at Teekkarisauna. Join in on this journey and get to know a few firms nearby You and enjoy the Excursion! The event is FREE! Excursion …

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Opening sauna of Hiukkanen

Do you know what Mörrimöykky and Tarzan have in common?Well we know that you know, because they will be in the same spot at the same time at the Hiukkanen’s opening sauna. This year the opening sauna will be held with special arrangments. So please read the whole description carefully. On the next week’s Thursday …

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