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Hiukkanen’s election panel

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, but why? Well, because of the Hiukkanen’s election panel! In the election panel, the members can ask kinky and less kinky questions from those who have applied to the board. Applicants are visible here. Questions have been prepared in advance for the interviewees, some of which should be published …

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Hiukkanen’s board applicants for the year 2021

It is again the time of year when tension intensifies and it is time to reveal the identities of those who have applied to Hiukkanen’s board. As in previous years, this year there are also a record number of applicants to the Board of the Hiukkanen. From this article, you can get acquainted with the …

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The Christmas Cruise of Natural Scientists

The sign up for the Christmas Cruise of Natural Scientists: Three people E3 69 €/cabin 3 ones available Four people E4 92 €/cabin 3 ones available Two people B2 72 €/cabin 3 ones available Four people B4 112 €/cabin 8 ones available Two people A2 74 €/cabin 8 ones available …

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