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Degree programme in Finnish

As a student of science and engineering in the finnish degree programme (Teknis-luonnontieteellinen DI-tutkinto-ohjelma), you can major in physics, mathematics and chemistry. In addition, you can complete the mathematical sciences and teacher education in your master’s studies. The association of our students, the Guild of Science and Engineering Hiukkanen aims to safeguard the interests of the students in our degree programme and help them with their studies, as well as to provide past-time activities and corporate relations for our members. From the Board-page you can find our board’s contact information if you have questions regarding the operation of our guild.

Additional information regarding the content of our studies and information on applying can be found at the university's website: and

For questions regarding the application process and degree programmes, contact the university's admission services.

The material for new students can be found on the Fuksis-page!