Hallopeds or student representatives ensure that students are heard in the university's administration and different organs.

TREY nominates hallopeds to the university's administrative organs, the Academic Board, the Education Council and Faculty Councils, among others. Additionally, guilds and student associations name student representatives to several groups.
Hallopeds of Hiukkanen operate in degree program planning groups, faculty education guidance group and different education groups for major subjects, to name a few.

The work of student representatives is essential because they pass on the opinions, feedback and improvement suggestions of students. Acting as a halloped does not require any special merits, and anyone can apply. The interest in educational policy and bringing the voice of students heard is enough. Open halloped positions are informed via email. For more information, contact the studies official of Hiukkanen (contact information can be found on the Board-page).

The current hallopeds of Hiukkanen can be found below! Under each student representative there is an abbreviation of the group in which they act in.