The Guild of Science and Engineering Hiukkanen is the subject association for the students of the degree programme in science and engineering. Our purpose is to safeguard the interests of the students in our degree programme and help them in their studies. Hiukkanen also offers a bunch of leisure activities.

The members of our Guild are those members of the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology who have paid the Guild’s yearly membership fee of 5 euros. Hiukkanen’s membership fee can be paid in two ways:

  • while paying the Student Union’s membership fee (Note! Only for students of the degree programme in science and engineering)
  • by cash in the guild room to a member of the board

The insignias of our Guild are our purple overalls and our beloved mobile sauna Tarzan. Our guild room is located in the basement of Sähkötalo in room SA025. You can find your way here by going down the spiral staircase next to Sähkökilta, you’ll see our purple door right after going through the fire door.

It’s nice to spend your spare time and the time between lectures in the guild room. From the guild’s fridge you can buy cheap candy, soda and snacks. There’s also board games, computers and everything fun. Above all, you can find good company and help with your studies.

Other services provided to members include:

  • weekly sports possibilities (floorball and other sports shifts, kyykkä)
  • sauna evenings and social nights (with Tarzan being there of course)
  • a yearly kyykkä tournament
  • guidance and counselling for fuksis and olders
  • study trips (excursions)

The Guild’s functions are run by the board chosen yearly in the autumn general meeting and officials chosen by the board. All actual members may apply to get involved in the board’s operations. Working with the Guild is voluntary work where the salary is paid in the awesome experiences and dozens of new friends gained from being active. All help is accepted in the Guild and you don’t have to be a board member to be an active operator. Get fearlessly involved and join our jolly purple group!

Hiukkanen is a member of the Finnish Association of Physics and Mathematics Students.


TEKNIS-LUONNONTIETEELLINEN KILTA HIUKKANEN RY SÄÄNNÖT I  LUKU         Nimi, kotipaikka ja tarkoitus 1§ Yhdistyksen nimi on Teknis-luonnontieteellinen kilta Hiukkanen ry. Yhdistyksen nimen epävirallisena lyhennyksenä käytetään nimeä Hiukkanen. Näissä säännöissä yhdistyksestä käytetään nimitystä kilta. Epävirallisesti killasta voidaan käyttää englanninkielisissä yhteyksissä nimeä Guild of Science and Engineering Hiukkanen, lyhennettynä Hiukkanen. 2§ Killan kotipaikka on Tampere ja virallinen …

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