There are various products and items (including overall patches) for sale at Hiukkanen’s guild room. Although there is no permanent sales service in the guild room, members of the guild’s board and its officials can sell you items when present (which is most of the time).

You can purchase overall patches via mail also, to do so, please contact via email:

The shipping costs are as follows: 1-5 patches 2,00 €, 6-10 patches 3,00 € and for larger quantities calculated separately for each order. If you live in Tampere region, you can also come to Hervanta to collect the patches yourself.

There’s also a fridge in the guild room from which you can purchase refreshments and candy. The assortments vary from time to time and feedback regarding it can be directed for Hiukkanen’s guild master (there’s also a feedback mailbox in the guild room)