Guild magazine Liaani is Hiukkanen’s own release that is published two times a year both in printed form and digitally. A company can publish their own advertisement or story in Liaani and it’s a personal way to reach the students of Hiukkanen.


Wearing overalls is one of the most visible symbols of student culture in Finnish technical universities. Overalls are worn in almost every single student event. Hiukkanen’s freshmen collect sponsors for their overalls every autumn. This is an excellent chance for sponsor companies to print their logos on the overalls to become memorized by students and especially freshmen.


Trailer sauna Tarzan has been manufactured by Hiukkanen and warms students in both guild events and student events all students from Tampere participate in. Usually, Tarzan visits 20-25 events annually. In addition to that, Tarzan is rented for private use on a regular basis. Traditionally, Tarzan welcomes freshmen inside right after they are baptised in Tammerkoski on the 1st of May. Also, Tarzan is present at World Championships of Academic Kyykkä when 4000 students gather to Hervanta every February.

E-mail ads

Hiukkanen’s e-mail lists are highly read, targeted and ordered content sets for 300 members. It’s an efficient way to reach top specialists of the same field with one announcement. Paid e-mail ads guarantee the quality of the lists, the members’ interest in them and a benefit for the advertiser.

We offer a right to advertise on Hiukkanen’s e-mail lists, Facebook and Instagram channels for a year or for single advertisements individually. Separate e-mail lists for freshmen and alumni members are available.