Academic officers and study advisor

Our degree programmes’ (both Finnish and English) study advisor is Inka Ruoste. Inka is a student working part-time in our faculty. She will gladly help any of our degree programmes’ students in anything related to their studies whether it’s in the guildroom or in her office during her working hours.

The study coordinator/academic officer for the Finnish degree programme is Kaisa Malinen. Kaisa is involved in the coordination and development of teaching and studying within our degree programme. You can contact Kaisa any time you have questions regarding the contents or the structure of your degree. You can also find answers for questions such as what to choose as your elective studies and whether or not you can benefit from possible prior university education. If you are concerned about whom you should contact, do not hesitate to ask.

The academic officer for the International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering is Tiina Riihelä. Her job is to coordinate and develop the programme. You can contact Tiina if you have any questions about the degree structure and its contents, your personal study plan (PSP), studies completed in another university etc. Tiina also provides statements for your residence permit. If you don’t know who to ask, you can always contact Tiina

Inka’s contact information:
Phone: 050 330 3095

Kaisa’s contact information:                        
Phone: 050 5911 904

Tiina’s contact information:
Phone. +358 50 447 8395
E-mail: tiina.riihela[at]

Signing up for exams:
In POP’s Studies-section there is a page calles Exams, where you can search for study modules’ exams, sign up for exams and cancel exams. The sign up opens four weeks before the exam and closes one week (7 days) before the exam. The sign up must be cancelled day before the exam by 07:59 in the morning.
If you have problems regarding exam sign ups, please contact the IT-helpdesk (sposti)

Exam archive:
Hiukkanen has a common exam archive with YKI. You can find the archive from services page.
The exam archive gets updated whenever students bring their exam papers to the guild and when the studies officer remembers to upload them to the archive.

A halloped is a student chosen to represent other students in various administrative organs regarding development of degree programmes and teaching.


Kurssipalauteforms on Hiukkasen, Ykin ja Korkin yhteinen palautteenkeruujärjestelmä. Palaute voidaan ohjata suoraa Hallopedeille, eli hallinnon opiskelijaedustajille, jotka välittävät sen eteenpäin omien ryhmiensä kokouksiin. Palautteen avulla saamme tärkeää tietoa järjestetyistä kursseista ja vinkkejä niiden järjestämiseen tulevaisuudessa! Muista, että kaikki palaute on arvokasta, joten älä epäröi jakaa omia mietteitäsi! Palautteen voi lähettää anonyymisti, tai omalla nimellään.


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Graduates of Hiukkanen work in many different positions in several companies, schools, universities and other institutions. Here you can find interviews of Hiukkanen’s alumni who tell about their jobs and studies. If you want to read the texts change language to Finnish.

Internationalization in studies

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Academic officers and study advisor

Education Specialist Tiina is responsible for the Science and Engineering BSc programme. You can contact her in any study related matters (e.g. personal study plan, Sisu, graduation, scholarships). If you don’t know who to contact, you can always ask Tiina. She is also responsible for the courses Introduction to Academic Studies and Career Planning, and …

Exam archive

Welcome to the exam archive of Hiukkanen and YKI. From this archive you can find exams from past implementations of you core studies as well as some advanced courses. You can search for exams based on the course code or name. Our aim is to collect an extensive collection of exams to benefit current and …