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Exam archive

Welcome to the exam archive of Hiukkanen and YKI. From this archive you can find exams from past implementations of you core studies as well as some advanced courses. You can search for exams based on the course code or name.

Our aim is to collect an extensive collection of exams to benefit current and future students by supporting their studies. After attending an exam, you can return the exam question paper to the exam returns box, which can be found next to the television at the guildroom. Make sure to write your name and e-mail on the back of the paper. Alternatively, you can scan the paper and e-mail it to kopovastaava(at) After the exam week all returned papers will be scanned to the Hiukkanen exam archive and a winner will be chosen and awarded a small prize.

If you wish to report any mistakes in the archive or want any related questions answered, you can send an e-mail to kopovastaava(at)

You can find the exam archive here.

Additionally, mathematics exams can be found on the MTT exam archive here.