Hiukkaskyykkä 2021

NOTE! The venue of Hiukkaskyykkä has changed from Kuusikkopuisto to Polymer Halls behind Hervanta Campus!

The year has (finally) turned to 2021 which means it is time to see who are the kyykkä champions of Hiukkanen! Come to compete for this year’s title to Polymer Halls on Saturday 23.1. at 11 am. The final will be played around 4pm, depending on the number of participating teams.

The tournament will be played in teams of four (4) and the participation fee is 2 euros/team. The captain of the team fills the sign-up form for the whole team and will receive further instructions on schedules and payment by e-mail later on. If we need to restrict the number of participating teams due to the coronavirus situation, the first ones to sign up will be given priority. So fill the sign-up form as soon as possible!

There will also be our majestic Tarzan-sauna and some TEK provided snack on the venue to keep the people warm and full. The winners of the tournament will be awarded as well as the best fuksi team!

If you don’t know the rules of kyykkä yet, check them out here.

RekryLAB 2021

RekryLab is coming again, this year as a webinar! So get yourselves comfortable and join us from your home on 13.1.2021. Info of the companies can be found on Rekrylab-website or from the Facebook page of the event. Further info on the schedule and other practical stuff will be provided via emails and the event’s social media this week.

Board of Hiukkanen for 2021

Board and board officials for year 2021 has been chosen.


Chairperson – Milka Salo
Treasurer – Kalle Lehtola
Secretary – Heidi Mattila
Corporate relations – Jussi Kelavuori
XQ official – Samu Salko
Hostess – Iisa Aromäki
Host – Sami Mäkipää
Fuksi captain – Samuli Aerikkala
Studies official – Sini Sarkola
Guild master – Thao Mi Rintala
Event official – Katariina Kylämäki

Board officials:

TEK contact person and photographer: Mikko Kuusisto
International official & English bachelor degree official: Suvi Julkunen
Refreshment official: Mira Säe
Tarzan official: Tuomas Haataja
Treasurer’s assistant: Jussi Koskinen
IT official: Severi Kosonen
Information official: Tuuli Nissinen
Social media official: Jenni Sammaljoki
Event officials: Suvi Huotari & Tuomas Pihlava
Sports official: Mari Muurman
Excursion and foreign affairs official: Salla Partanen
Alumni official: Nonna Saarinen
Corporate relations assistant: Suvi Hoppu & Anni Savolainen
Studies official’s assistant: Laura Heikkilä
Equality official: Ida Suontausta
Nakkifuksis: Teresia Strandén, Jere Nieminen & Samuli Ranto
Prep course official: Heini Pitkäranta
Fuksi officials: Laura Ala-Hakuni & Moo Oppenheim

Congratulations to everyone and best of luck for the following year!

Board officials 2020 introduction

Alumni and tradition officials

Alumni and tradition officials form the backbone of the guild and ensures that the guild’s operation respect history and its notable persons. Because what would we be if we had no history? This year, this important lighthouse of civilization has been guarded by alumni official Niko and tradition official Aapo, and their duties have included liaising with the alumni association of Hiukkanen, reforming the brand rules and establishing an honorary committee. Applying for the role of these officials can be recommended to anyone, but mastering the use of hashtag #before in the right place is considered an advantage. 

Fuksi officials


We are Laura and Moo, the fuksi officials. We work as the fuksi responsible’s right and left hands organizing all kinds of fun shenanigans for not only Hiukkanen’s fuksis, but also with the Fuksi council for all fuksis. This job includes for example fuksisaunas, fuksisitsit, checkpoint orienteering, and organizing orientation week, as well as a lot of hanging out with the fuksis and tutors! Our term lasts from wappu to wappu when we get dipped with the fuksis in the rapids. The fuksi official applications open in springtime, so when it’s time apply apply apply, this job is suuuuuuuuper fun, so get hyped to meet new people and organize all kinds of fun stuff <3

TEK contact person

This year the link between TEK and our guild has been Roosa, our TEK ambassador. The main responsibilities of the TEK ambassador include TEK presentations for new students during orientation week and maintaining the cooperation between TEK and Hiukkanen. TEK is always eager to support us, and this year Roosa´s job has mainly been concerned with sponsorship requests for our events.  


The nakkifuksis take care of the biowaste and return the cans from our guild room. At autumn the nakkifuksis also arrange pre-christmas sauna for our guild’s members. Being a nakkifuksi is pretty easy and fun way to get familiar with our guild’s board, and next spring we will seek for more nakkifuksis, so please apply! 

The events team

The events team is behind the scenes of The Ekat Bileet, sitsis, annual celebration parties, and other smaller events. The event official’s duties include delegating tasks to the event official’s helpers, Jenni and Lauri. Helper’s role is an easy and fun way to learn how the event organizing works behind the scenes – not to mention all the new people you will get to meet! The event official is the head responsible for the events. If the role of the main event official scares you, don’t hesitate to apply for an event official’s helper. 

Excursion assistant and minister of foreign relations

In order to walk in to the bus at 7:30 am and drive to teekkarisauna in Lappeenranta, you first need to create a reason to travel to Lappeenranta. The solution is simple: Hire the sexcursion official and her lovely assistant. They will put together an epic excursion, that the companies and other guilds want to be a part of. What goes to companies during the day, to saunas during the evening and to accommodation during the night? The excursion bus!

The minister of foreign relations is in charge of the relation between own guild and foreign guilds. For example under the influence … of the worldwide mm-kyykkä he organizes a smaller kyykkä-related event: Ystävyyskyykkä. There only the rare and few apprentices of the hard sciences (read natural sciences) are invited to negotiate upon the future of excursions. Altough they forget to exchange their names and contact information…

In the picture the excursion assistant keeps a watch on passing guilds, whether to stop by or not.

International and English Bachelor Degree Official

Ella has been this year’s International and English Bachelor Degree Official in Hiukkanen. As an international official she has organized international events with TaSciEn, provided information about internationalization possibilities in our university to students, such as exchange info event, and made sure that all information is available also in English. To be an International Official is fun and you can do things/events according to your fields of interest! 

IT Official

This year Severi Kosonen was official at the IT sector. Here tasks mainly involve updating and upkeeping email-lists and websites, and also occasional little tasks on where bytes might move around.  Also if you can get the budget from the board, the sky is the limit on what you can do. Little knowledge on coding might come handy, but in no way is a requirement. Even though these tasks might seem difficult, you wont have to be alone in it, so even a one-year old could do the job.

Corporate relations officials

The massive list of corporate relations for Hiukkanen needs more than one pair of hands to be managed. This year there has been two corporate officials to help Leo out. The work is surprisingly diverge ranging from choosing and managing XQ-firms to discussing collaborations and making RekryLab happen with other student organizations from TUNI. As an official you get to work as a student contact to firms of your choosing, and together with the corporation ponder what kinds of collaborations would benefit both. And of course, you’re always free to carry out any ideas concerning corporate relations! 

Treasurer’s assistant

Hiukkanen’s financial sector is taken care of by official treasurer and now introduced treasurer’s assistant. This year Kalle has been doing this job. This includes for example, budgeting expenses, selling and if necessary, ordering badges for overalls and of course, acting as the right (or left) hand of the treasurer. Even if you don’t have previous experience of this kind of tasks, don’t worry: there isn’t too much job for a one person, and you will learn if you get elected. Treasurer’s assistant is also a very good way to see what kind of job an official treasurer is. 

Hostess’ helper

Hiukkanen’s hostess’ (emännistö) job is to organize guilds sauna evenings, hallituswaihtarit, summer gathering and the fuksiweekend. Heini has worked as the hostess’ helper (emännän apu) this year, and Sini as the hostess (emäntä). Hostess’ helper helps the Hostess, so suprising! The hostess’ helper is a board official but all the organizing is done as a team with the Hostess! The events are divided along the year, so the workload doesn’t build up easily. Apply for emännistö if you want to be a part of making sauna events and other fun events for the guild!   

Communications sector

Asta, Emma, Roosa and Nonna form the communications sector of Hiukkanen’s board. Nonna is the editor in chief of Liaani who takes care of our guild magazine Liaani and it’s staff. Liaani is published a few times a year and the editor in chief takes care of brainstorming sessions for the magazine, collecting the articles and the publishing of the final product. Nonna is also the graphic designer and she is responsible for different graphic materials, e.g. posters, banners and läsys. Our photographer Roosa is present in our events capturing Hiukkanen’s most precious moments which are found at the new and fine Hiukkasgalleria. Our social media official Emma takes care of our Instagram and Facebook pages by inventing fabulous posts and magnificient Facebook events. Hiukkanen’s informational official Asta gathers information from all over the school and then writes the weekly information email with her bonus weekly tips. She also takes care of Hiukkanen’s email lists and Hiukkanen tiedotus -information Telegram channel. 

Help of studies official

In autumn Anna has worked as the helper of study official. As a helper your task will be to help the study official with many various projects which are planned and executed together. This fall we have organized a minor subject fair and a presentation of graduates ’s jobs on the website. For the next year we have initially planned a renewing of the exam archive. So, at this job you ‘ll be able to remodel and influence! 

If you got interested just apply at a low barrier! You will always have official helping you! 

Host’s helper

To avoid too much work, the Host has hired himself a helping hand also known as The Host’s helper Sami. He helps Janne to move Tarzan and repairing it if needed. Also in Hosts there’s a chance to work around easily fixable things in guild room. This year Hosts have mainly used Sami’s car to transfer Tarzan, because Janne doesn’t have car with coupling hook in Hervanta. You don’t need to own that kind of car if you want to be a part of Hiukkanen Hosts. There’s always someone who already own one (for example Sami :D). Host’s helper has not so much work so Sami has helped other guild members if his help is needed. 

More coming soon!

Help, I don’t have a minor subject!

As a student of Hiukkanen you have the privilege to choose any minor subjects that you want, but it can be difficult to choose. To make things easier, we added a few links here that can help you with making a decision. The first link contains all minor subjects that Tampere University provides. The second link contains details about these subjects.

Information about minor subjects can be found in university’s handbook.
And about their contents here.

Hiukkanen’s pre Christmas party

Unfortunately, we can’t organize the Christmas sauna this year but no worries!

24.11. from 5 pm in K1705 you can come and watch a Christmas movie and sew overall badges. Before the movie, there are also a couple of fun activities and contests to win prizes. In addition to this, there is also a small gift exchange, meaning you can bring a small gift when you arrive and you will receive a small gift when you leave. Gingerbread and glögi are available! Also remember to social distance and bring your own mask.

This is just not it, in the first week of December, 30.11. – 4.12. the guild serves gingerbread and glögi. They are available as long as there are enough. The guild also has a Christmas card workshop, which means you can come and make Christmas cards when you have time.

The wienerfuksis wish you a Merry Christmas!

Liaani 2/20 is now available!

Due to the continuing virus situation Liaani will be published also on web in addition of the traditional paper version, so no one will be left out of the reading experience! The magazine is only in Finnish, sorry!

Hiukkanen’s election panel

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, but why? Well, because of the Hiukkanen’s election panel! In the election panel, the members can ask kinky and less kinky questions from those who have applied to the board. Applicants are visible here. Questions have been prepared in advance for the interviewees, some of which should be published in advance for the whole nation:

  • Introduce yourself and explain why you are applying to the board next year? Why did you choose this position?
  • Give an example of success, for example, from your organization or study career
  • Tell one failure of your organizational or study career? What do you learn from it?
  • What is your biggest weakness and how would it show up next year in government?

In addition to these questions, other questions have been drafted in connection with the positions at hand, which will only become apparent on the spot. Members also have the opportunity to ask questions either on-site or in advance using this form. The panel will be streamed and recorded so that everyone can get to know the applicants.

The panel schedule is as follows:

  • Start in the Campus Arena auditorium on Wednesday 11.11. at 16:15. Applicants should arrive on time.
  • Questions common to all applicants
  • Position-specific questions in order:
    • Candidates for the formation of the Board and Chairman
    • Corporate relations
    • XQrsion official
    • Event official
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Studies official
    • Guild master
    • Host
    • Hostess
    • Fuksi captain
  • Finishing up

Hiukkanen’s board applicants for the year 2021

It is again the time of year when tension intensifies and it is time to reveal the identities of those who have applied to Hiukkanen’s board. As in previous years, this year there are also a record number of applicants to the Board of the Hiukkanen. From this article, you can get acquainted with the chairperson candidates and you will also find all the other applicants by name. The chairman candidates will interview all those who have applied in their own time, but you will be able to get to know them at the Hiukkanen’s election panel on Wednesday 11 November. from 4 p.m. in the Campus Arena auditorium.

Board former (= chairperson) applicants

Milka-Maarika Salo

Hello everybody! I am Milka, a 4th-year Hiukkanen and a new candidate for the board former and the chairperson positions. I study chemistry as my major. Mathematics and possibly also physics are my minors. Next autumn I will also start my pedagogical studies. I’m originally from the countryside and nature is one of the things I sometimes miss while in Tampere. On my free time, I like to spend time at our guild room, hanging out with my friends, cooking and playing or trying different sports.

My “career” in the board of Hiukkanen started apparently in a very traditional way; an older active Hiukkanen came to me after the main party of the anniversary of Hiukkanen and said: “Hey Milka, you will apply to become the next hostess of Hiukkanen.” A short conversation followed though some on the details have been forgotten. From a very young age, I have learned to follow the orders of the elder and wiser, so in 2019 I was the hostess of Hiukkanen. I really liked working on the board and after being the hostess for a year I applied for the guild master’s position, where I have been working this year. Already at the beginning of the year 2020, I was thinking I might be interested in becoming the chairperson of Hiukkanen in the future. This year, besides the guild master’s jobs, I have been working as the vice-chairperson of Hiukkanen and helping the current chairman Matti. So I have become familiar with different kinds of important paperwork and applications already. Chairperson is the position I want to take on next year.

I consider myself social, easy to approach and precise. I am capable of telling my own opinions and yet interested in hearing other perspectives and different opinions. Hiukkanen has a place in my heart and I would like to be a part of those people continuing and developing our guild towards an even better and more open direction.

Board applicants

Here you can see the board applicants in form of a name and the position they are applying for:

Jussi KelavuoriCorporate relations
Samu SalkoXQrsion official
Katariina KylämäkiEvent official
Tuomas PihlavaEvent official
Heidi MattilaSecretary
Mira SäeSecretary
Kalle LehtolaTreasurer
Sini SarkolaStudies official
Thao Mi RintalaGuild master
Sami MäkipääHost
Samuli AerikkalaFuksi captain
Lauri AhlqvistFuksi captain
Suvi HoppuFuksi captain
Heini PitkärantaFuksi captain
Matias RautanenFuksi captain
Roope SalonenFuksi captain
Iisa AromäkiHostess

Board of Hiukkanen 2020 introduction

Chairman, vice-chairperson, and secretary 

In the lead of the board of Hiukkanen is the chairperson, his vice-chairperson as his right or left hand, and the secretary. Our chairman, Matti, makes sure that the invitations to the board meetings are sent to the members of the board when necessary, and uses his infinite power to sign the name of Hiukkanen on important papers. As vice-chairperson, Milka takes care of day-to-day matters and tries to lighten Matti’s burden. Secretary Iisa never sleeps in meetings but follows the discussion closely and records everything essential in the minutes. The secretary position also holds looking after appropriate meeting practices. There is a low threshold in the secretary’s position to get acquainted with government activities and no previous experience is required! 


This year, the Treasurer of Hiukkanen is the title for Jasper. In a nutshell, the Treasurer takes care of the financial sector of Hiukkanen. This includes paying and sending bills, dunning, and managing the financial statement at the end of the year, to name a few. To make the Treasurer’s tasks more manageable, Treasurer’s Little Helper works eagerly with many subtasks. More on that later – stay tuned! For example, they come handy when having to take pictures

P.S. Always try to keep your Treasurer happy and pay your bills in time!  


Hiukkanen owns its own mobilesauna called Tarzan and therefore there has to be someone to take care of it. The Host is that guy and now Janne is being that guy. Janne is responsible for taking Tarzan to Hiukkanen’s event (especially saunaevents) and renting it to other guilds or anyone willing to have good time with Tarzan. To say it more straightforward, the Host is aware of everything concerning Tarzan and they enable safe, pleasant and legal use of Tarzan. Besides, it happens to be that all Hiukkanen’s tools are more or less the hosts cup of tea. 


Hiukkanen’s hostess’ (emännistö) job is to organize guilds sauna evenings, hallituswaihtarit, summer gathering and the fuksiweekend. Sini has worked as the hostess (emäntä) this year, and Heini as the hostess’ helper (emännän apu). The hostess is responsible of the events and is also a part of the official board of Hiukkanen, but all the organizing is done as a team with the Hostess’ helper! The events are divided along the year, so the workload doesn’t build up easily. Apply for emännistö if you want to be a part of making sauna events and other fun events for the guild!  

Excursion official 

As a member of the board the excursion official of Hiukkanen, Maria, has the main responsibility for student excursions arranged by the guild. The excursion team consists of the excursion official, an excursion assistant and the corporate relations team. So in addition to the official, there is a whole team organizing our student trips. This year Samu has served as Maria’s right hand in the role of excursion assistant and foreign affairs official.  

Corporate relations 

Hiukkanen’s corporate relations team consists of corporate relations officer Leo, corporate relations assistants Jussi and Veikka as well as team members Katri, Tuomas ja Antti. We operate in between members of Hiukkanen and relevant companies in our fields of studies, working for creating opportunities for students to form contacts into their future workplaces, helping companies to see the value of our education and enabling other functions of Hiukkanen via fund-raising and sponsorships.   

Corporate relations team of Hiukkanen takes part in organizing RekryLAB job venue, company visits and overall-sauna. Job ads in your inbox and commercial signs in Tarzan’s side also have corporate relations team’s fingerprints in them.   

Fuksi captain 

Our guild’s fuksi sector consists of three members: fuksi responsible Mikko, who is an elected board member, and two fuksi officials Moo and Laura. The officials’ term begins separately from the rest of the board, after Wappu. Moo is the international fuksi official and his job is to further cooperation among all of our beginning students. The fuksi captains’ job consists of organizing many events for fuksis not only for our own guild, but also the whole campus with the fuksi council. In addition to this, we diligently stamp fuksi passes and assist fuksis throughout the entire year until the teekkari dipping. 

Guild Master 

This year, Milka has been the guild master, a member of the actual board. The job description of a guild master, as the name suggests, includes taking care of the guild. The most important jobs of a guild master are filling the fridge with snacks and going to wholesale. The guild master, for example, makes sure that there is coffee in the guild room and chocolate bars on the side of the coffee to buy.  

In addition, Milka makes sure that the guild room remains in habitable condition and that the board cleans the guild regularly. The guild master’s helpers in taking care of the guild’s cleanliness are x number of nakkifuksis, who are officials of the board. The guild master’s job does not require much experience, yet it is quite easy to approach if you tend to spend time in the guild room anyway.  

Studies official 

Duties of studies official are updating and maintaining exam archive, recruiting student representatives, and developing their activity and informing guild members about studies related issues. As a studies official you can do very different things depending on your own interest. For example, you can focus on educational affairs or organize events. This year Hiukkanen’s studies official has been Ida and she has also had a helper Anna for the latter part of the year to help her with some projects. 

Events official 

Who organizes the guild’s events? It is the events team and their events coordinator. This year Jenni has overseen the team. The events team is responsible for organizing sitsit, annual celebrations, kyykkä-tournament, and other fun and smaller events. It may sound like a long list of stuff to do, but by no means does the person in charge organize all these alone. This year the situation in the world has overshadowed organizing events, but we hope next year is better!  

In this task the best things are to plan exactly the type of events you want, challenging yourselves, developing organizational skills and getting to know many new people. But how does the events coordinator differ from an events official? The events coordinator (person in charge) is an official board member and responsible for handling it all. Its job in simplicity is to make sure that all the things are done on time and done well. 

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