Hiukkanen’s fuksisitsis

What exactly are these sitsit we’re doing? -Fuksi

They are a type of academic table party, where we sing, speak, toast, and feast. -Uncle

Now it is time to take uncle’s advice and familiarize yourself with how sitsit is done at Hiukkanen’s upcoming fuksisitsit on 5.10.! Put on your denim overalls and boots or oinkoink -pig costume and come to our farm themed sitsit at soutupaviljonki. There will be unprecedented hype and a bit of getting to know sitsit culture (this was a great pun in the Finnish description with the word Hiukkasen heh) with a fun group. You don’t need to know anything about sitsit beforehand, you’ll learn everything there!

Signup for the sitsit opens 23.9. at 12 and this jubilance will cost 20€.

WHAT? Hiukkanen’s fuksisitsit with a FARM theme
WHERE? At Soutupaviljonki, Hatanpäänkatu 6
WHEN? On Monday 5.10.
WHY? Because they are the first SITSIT

Hiukkanen’s FuksiXQ

Hiukkanen FuksiXQ is coming again on 1.10!

Hiukkanen goes on a day trip to see about companies at Hervanta. We are visiting Department of Chemistry and Modulight. Night is continuing at Teekkarisauna. Join in on this journey and get to know a few firms nearby You and enjoy the Excursion! The event is FREE!

Excursion starts at Department of Chemistry.
Modulight designs and manufactures lasers and optics for personalized medicine and better life. We provide biomedical lasers for oncology, genetics and ophthalmology, supporting laser solutions like system integration service and laser design & manufacturing. More info you can find on Modulight’s website.

Signup starts on Monday 21.9. at 12.00 and closes on Wednesday 23.9. at 23.59.

-What? FuksiXQ
-When? 1.10.
-How much? ITS FREE!
-Sign-up? starts 21.9. 12.00 o’clock – ends 23.9. 23:59 o’clock

Opening sauna of Hiukkanen

Do you know what Mörrimöykky and Tarzan have in common?
Well we know that you know, because they will be in the same spot at the same time at the Hiukkanen’s opening sauna.

This year the opening sauna will be held with special arrangments. So please read the whole description carefully.

On the next week’s Thursday 24th of September (after guild’s general meeting) there will be Hiukkanen’s opening sauna at Teekkarisauna. The opening sauna is only for Hiukkanen’s members who are second year or older students so that the number of participants isn’t too high. There for fuksis can’t unfortunately participate. Members of Hiukkanen are welcome to the sauna at 6 pm.

The Mörrimöykky-sauna will be warm all night and you can also enjoy the warmth of our mobile sauna Tarzan. Herwantagame won’t be arrenged this year, due to the current situation.Please, stay home if you feel sick! We will gather all the names of participants just in case of corona.

Sauna turns:
Women 19-20
Men 20-21
Mixed 21 ->

See you on Thursday!


It is that time of the year again when we find out who is the true master of wine in Hervanta! Skilta, Hiukkanen and PES are organizing Herkkuwiinifestarit on Wednesday, 7.10. at 16-19 o’clock! You can attend the event by either making your own delicious wine or by just coming to taste other’s creations, and with just 2€ price of a mug! This year the event will be held at etunurtsi.

There are three series in the competition: Wine, fuksi and sima. There will be an amazing price for each series winner. You can attend as a winemaker on the form down below.

Also: Unique fuksi points!!

Let’s keep this a safe event. Please put your name on the attending form down below if you are coming to the event place. Keep appropriate distance to others and use the hand sanitizer that is offered on site. Don’t attend the event if you have flu symptoms.

Attending as a winemaker: https://forms.gle/La8cvaWkkzWjj7jx7
Attending the event as a visitor: https://forms.gle/6SWc9pZ8zE2e9LQ1A

WHAT? Herkkuwiinifestarit
WHERE? Front lawn
WHEN? 7.10.2020, 16-19
WHY? Wine is good

Winter coat picnic

Winter (Coat Picnic) is coming!

Put on your warm winter coats and come enjoy a picnic evening with your guild friends at the front lawn on the 10.9.! The picnic starts at 18:00 and everyone from fuksis to older students can come. Along with your winter coat, you should BYOS (bring your own snacks) and BYOB if you want. Besides just hanging out and having a good time, there will be activities starting at 19:00.

Remember to keep a safe distance to those outside of your social bubble and adhere to required hygiene regarding the corona virus. Hand sanitizer will be provided at the event.

See you at the front lawn and let’s have an epic picnic!

Safety break


Everything is cancelled but not this. It’s time you find something special from TUT front lawn. Lots of different games and fun activities! The event is Hiukkanen’s välitunti (break) which will be held on Thursday 3.9. at 12:00 – 16:00. YOU are welcome to join just to hang out or test all these fun activities! Tekniikan Akateemiset TEK is there to give you some healthy snacks.You can find there at least:
-Urban chalk art made by you!
-The great jumping rope
-Variety of Ball games
-TaTSi (Academic circus club of Tampere) offering slackline, unicycling and jugglingand plenty of others, come see and try yourself!

WHAT: break
WHEN: Thursday 3.9. 12:00 – 16:00
WHERE: Front lawn / obelisk (Hervanta campus)
WHY: Because I say so

Please stay at home, if you feel sick. Let’s keep the distance together.

CANCELLED – Hiukkanen’s 31th annual party

Welcome to 31st Annual celebration of the Hiukkanen on 17.10.2020. After the crises of turning thirty, we need some style in our lives, so the theme of this Annual celebration is Hollywood Glamour!

Celebration takes place in Ali-Marttilan tila in Kangasala. We have arranged buses to take partypeople there and back to Hervanta. Invited guests are welcome to the cocktail-party before the main celebration.

Timetable for the celebrations:

17:15 Buses from Sähkötalo parking lot to Ali-Marttilan tila
18:00 Main party begins
23:00 The first bus leaves back to Hervanta
23:30 Last buses leave back to Hervanta

Sillis is at the following day, 18th of October in Teekkarisauna, Tekniikankatu 9. Sillis starts at 12 o’clock.

The sign up starts on Friday 11th of September at 12 o’clock and is open till 27th of September or till the sign up is full. The link for sign up is released later.

Dresscode is dark suit and we hope you will dress by the theme.
Dinner card for students is 65€ and 75€ for others.

Please note that during this situation, we need to obey the changing restrictions. This means that event can be cancelled in very short notice. If event is cancelled, we will be in touch with the guests and the payments will be refunded.

Back to school sitsis

Summer vacations are starting to come to an end and it’s time to get back to school – where else would we go than in middle school! In honor of old and better times, Hiukkanen is organizing the first sitsit of the Autumn with the theme Back to Middle school, because everything was better #before.

Sitsit are held on Thursday 27th of August in the Laulumaja at 6 p.m. The Kolmio-party of August will serve as a afterparty and you will be able to buy a Kolmio-ticket for yourself at the Sitsi-sign up for 3 €. The price of sitsit is 20 €.

Sign-up for these sitsit begins on Monday 10th of August at 12 o’clock and you can sign-up from the link below:

Please register as soon as possible!

To make sure no one is left out, these sitsit celebrate the golden age of secondary school and the dress code is the style of secondary school. So you can safely unleash your inner cheerleader, let your inner nerd out and prepare for the sitsit of your life!

Middle school-themed, comment “:D” so I fill on your wall…
[xxx] Back to Middle school – sitsit
[x] Laulumaja (Takojankatu 1)
[x] Price 20 € + possible Kolmio-ticket 3 €
[] Dress code according to the theme
[xx] Post this on your wall so you can answer me

Please remember to follow good hand hygiene and other instructions given by government. Please don’t arrive if you feel sick.


It seems that the autumn is coming and it’s time to go back to school. Before that we luckily have time to meet old and new friends in SGU (= sauna, barbecue and swimming)! SGU will be held on thursday 20th of August at Suolijärvi beach and there’s guided activity for fuksies at 17:00 (5pm) and the rest of the members are welcome at 18:00 (6pm). Our trailersauna Tarzan will be warm till 22:00 (10pm) or as long as we have saunapeople with us.

There’s also some outdoor games that you can play, for example mölkky, kyykkä, beerbong and kumipelausISO (= rubber playing BIG). Please bring your own towel (and bottle). Remember to bring your own swimming suit, because Suolijärvi is public beach.

If you feel sick, we recommend not to join us, because of the existing circumstances. Let‘s also try to keep safe distances to other beach users and to each other, even though it can be quite difficult in the sauna.

Good weathers and happy beginning of autumn,
Hiukkanen’s host


WHAT: Sauna, Barbecue and Swimming
WHERE: Suolijärvi beach
WHEN: thursday 20th of August 2020 at 17:00- (for fuksies) and 18:00- (for the rest of the members) -22:00
WHY: Get known with Tarzan, Suolijärvi and members of Hiukkanen!

CANCELLED – The Ekat bileet

Unfortunately due to the circumstances the Ekat bileet has been cancelled.

The first party of the semester is here!
The new fuksis arrive soon and its our job to show them how we party! The first party of the semester will be held in Ravintolamaailma Ranta and Poro on Tuesday 18th of August.

Doors will opet at 9PM. There will perform world-known band TLDP at 12PM and you definitely don’t want to miss this! After the band there will amazing Spinni’s DJ playing for the rest of the night so the party will not end.

You can buy tickets for this unforgettable evening from Hervanta Campus for 3 euros or from the door for 5 euros. Tickets are sold on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th at 12-14 in Sähkötalo’s lobby.

There are also buses leaving from the Keskustori to Hervanta and the price for a ride is 2 euros. You will recognize our buses from the Hene -logo and text “Hiukkanen” in the front. Please have the right amount of cash with you.

Ravintolamaailma offers a cloackroom service for the price of 2-3 euros. If possible, please leave jackets and extra backpacks home

Let’s put up a proper party!

We will take the coronavirus situation into account to the best of our ability when organizing the event. However, we cannot guarantee the recommended safety intervals, and thus there is an increased risk of droplet infection. If you have any symptoms of infection, please do not attend the event!

The age limit for the event is 18.