Our degree programme’s study advisor is Inka Ruoste. Inka is a student, who is working part-time in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. She will gladly help our degree programme’s students in anything related to their studies, whether it’s in the guild room or or in her office during her working hours.

Inka’s contact information:
Puh: 050 330 3095
Sähköposti: tl.opiskelu.tau[at]
Huone: TD 204

Office hours:

Signing up for exams:
In POP’s Studies-section there is a page calles Exams, where you can search for study modules’ exams, sign up for exams and cancel exams. The sign up opens four weeks before the exam and closes one week (7 days) before the exam. The sign up must be cancelled day before the exam by 07:59 in the morning.
If you have problems regarding exam sign ups, please contact the IT-helpdesk (sposti)

Exam archive
Hiukkanen has a common exam archive with YKI. You can find the archive here. (linkki)
The exam archive gets updated whenever students bring their exam papers to the guild and when the studies officer remembers to upload them to the archive.

A halloped is a student chosen to represent other students in various administrative organs regarding development of degree programmes and teaching.

For applicants

Degree programme in Finnish As a student of science and engineering in the finnish degree programme (Teknis-luonnontieteellinen DI-tutkinto-ohjelma), you can major in physics, mathematics and chemistry. In addition, you can complete the mathematical sciences and teacher education in your master’s studies. The association of our students, the guild of science and engineering Hiukkanen aims to …

For students

Academic officers and study advisor Our degree programmes’ (both finnish and english) study advisor is Inka Ruoste. Inka is a student working part-time in our faculty. She will gladly help any of our degree programmes’ students in anything related to their studies whether it’s in the guildroom or in her office during her working hours. …

Exam archive

Welcome to the exam archive of Hiukkanen and YKI. From this archive you can find exams from past implementations of you core studies as well as some advanced courses. You can search for exams based on the course code or name. Our aim is to collect an extensive collection of exams to benefit current and …