Mobile sauna Tarzan

In the year 2011 Hiukkanen built a new mobile sauna, which is known as Tarzan. Tarzan seats comfortably approximately 10 people and uncomfortably up to 50 people (not really recommended, more than 20 starts to be unpractical).

During the course of the year Tarzan can be found on many of the events hosted by the guild such as sauna evenings, SGU and Hiukkaskyykkä. Tarzan will also be providing warmth to the fresh teekkaris during the teekkari dipping ritual on Wappu.

Tarzan is available for rent at a daily price:

Member of Hiukkanen: 50 EUR
Member of TREY: 55 EUR
Student: 80 EUR
Other: 115 EUR

Firewood is available for an additional price of 15 EUR.

How to operate the sauna

Jack manual

If you have any questions or would like to rent Tarzan, please contact the Tarzan responsible of Hiukkanen. Contact information can be found by hovering your mouse over the photo or by clicking it.

Iida Silén

Tarzan responsible TG: Iidatsku

Niklas Vuorenmaa

Tarzan official TG: Mjaysteeri