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IT IS TIME FOR WAPPU! And what would be a better way to start RemoteWappu 2021 than with Hiukkanen, Bioner and YKI’s REMOTE WAPPUSITSIT! The theme for these Wappusitsit is Wappu, which means wearing your long-missed overalls and most colorful clothes! The sitsis are held remotely on Zoom on Thursday 15.4.2021 at 18-22. You can …

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Hiukkanen’s fuksisitsis

What exactly are these sitsit we’re doing? -Fuksi They are a type of academic table party, where we sing, speak, toast, and feast. -Uncle Now it is time to take uncle’s advice and familiarize yourself with how sitsit is done at Hiukkanen’s upcoming fuksisitsit on 5.10.! Put on your denim overalls and boots or oinkoink …

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Back to school sitsis

Summer vacations are starting to come to an end and it’s time to get back to school – where else would we go than in middle school! In honor of old and better times, Hiukkanen is organizing the first sitsit of the Autumn with the theme Back to Middle school, because everything was better #before. …

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