Opening sauna of Hiukkanen

Do you know what Mörrimöykky and Tarzan have in common?
Well we know that you know, because they will be in the same spot at the same time at the Hiukkanen’s opening sauna.

This year the opening sauna will be held with special arrangments. So please read the whole description carefully.

On the next week’s Thursday 24th of September (after guild’s general meeting) there will be Hiukkanen’s opening sauna at Teekkarisauna. The opening sauna is only for Hiukkanen’s members who are second year or older students so that the number of participants isn’t too high. There for fuksis can’t unfortunately participate. Members of Hiukkanen are welcome to the sauna at 6 pm.

The Mörrimöykky-sauna will be warm all night and you can also enjoy the warmth of our mobile sauna Tarzan. Herwantagame won’t be arrenged this year, due to the current situation.Please, stay home if you feel sick! We will gather all the names of participants just in case of corona.

Sauna turns:
Women 19-20
Men 20-21
Mixed 21 ->

See you on Thursday!