Hiukkanen’s fuksisitsis

What exactly are these sitsit we’re doing? -Fuksi

They are a type of academic table party, where we sing, speak, toast, and feast. -Uncle

Now it is time to take uncle’s advice and familiarize yourself with how sitsit is done at Hiukkanen’s upcoming fuksisitsit on 5.10.! Put on your denim overalls and boots or oinkoink -pig costume and come to our farm themed sitsit at soutupaviljonki. There will be unprecedented hype and a bit of getting to know sitsit culture (this was a great pun in the Finnish description with the word Hiukkasen heh) with a fun group. You don’t need to know anything about sitsit beforehand, you’ll learn everything there!

Signup for the sitsit opens 23.9. at 12 and this jubilance will cost 20€.

WHAT? Hiukkanen’s fuksisitsit with a FARM theme
WHERE? At Soutupaviljonki, Hatanpäänkatu 6
WHEN? On Monday 5.10.
WHY? Because they are the first SITSIT