Hiukkanen’s forest trip

On Saturday, the 7.11. we combine or forces with the Sports officer of Hiukkanen and go to Kirskaanniemi in the form of a Forest trip! At Kirskaanniemi there are fireplaces, so it is recommended to have some snacks with you! We will have coordinated starts for both cyclists and for those who want to walk, starting from the campus front lawn, but you can travel there on your own if you prefer. The starts are timed so we would be at Kirskaanniemi around 12:30. Remember to sign up, so we know to wait for you. Feel welcome to enjoy the autumn and some quality time outdoors!

Start for the cyclists, leaves at 12:00, back at 15:00
Start for the walk, leaves at 11:00, back at 16:00

Signup for starts here.