Hiukkanen’s sledding event

Do you think that you have spent too much time indoors? Do you miss converting potential energy to kinetic energy in a winterish way?

We have a solution for you! On Monday 1.2. at 13–16, you have a chance to sled downhill in Hiukkanen’s sledding hill event at Hervanta’s old ski center. If you don’t know where the old ski center is located, we leave together from Obelisk at 12:30 pm.

If you don’t own a sled, there are a few sleds, which you can freely use. You also get to try on snowshoes, how awesome is that! In addition, sausages and warm juice are offered for all hungry souls.

Due to coronavirus, we ask all participants to fill this form and to download the Koronavilkku application, if you haven’t done it already. A face mask is also recommended.

What? Hiukkanen’s sledding event
Where? At the old ski center in Hervanta (Turtolankatu 50)
When? 1st of February at 13–16
How much does it cost? Nothing!!
Why? Because there IS snow!