It seems that the autumn is coming and it’s time to go back to Zoom. But luckily before that the SGU (sauna, barbecue and swimming) strikes again! SGU will be held on Thursday 26th of August at Suolijärvi beach and there’s guided activity for fuksies at 17:00 (5pm) and the rest of the members are welcome at 18:00 (6pm). Our trailersauna Tarzan will be warm till 22:00 (10pm) or as long as we have saunapeople with us.

There’s also some outdoor games that you can play, for example mölkky and spikeball. Please bring your own towel (and bottle), there are no foods or drinks for sale. Remember to bring your own swimming suit too, because Suolijärvi is a public beach.

If you feel sick, we recommend not to join us, because of the existing circumstances. Let‘s also try to keep safe distances to other beach users and to each other, even though it can be quite difficult in the sauna.

Good weathers and happy beginning of Autumn,
Hiukkanen’s Tarzan team.

WHAT: Sauna, Barbecue and Swimming
WHERE: Suolijärvi beach
WHEN: Thursday 26th of August 2020 at 17:00- (for fuksies) and 18:00- (for the rest of the members) -22:00
WHY: Get known with Tarzan, Suolijärvi and members of Hiukkanen!