Winter Sports Pass


Since it has been such a wonderful weather outside for so many weeks, it’s time to enjoy it fully doing Winter Sport tasks!

During two weeks’ time, 22.2. – 7.3.2021, you have an opportunity to do different winter sport tasks alone or in a group and earn stamps. If you perform tasks in a group, the group must remain the same during the whole time.

Entering the competition is easy. Choose a task from the list and do it. Take a picture while you are doing a task. The picture will be used as proof in the Forms. Fill in the Forms-survey at the end of the event, where you answer, what activities you have completed. You only need to fill in the survey once!

The person with the most stamps wins a prize, which is announced later. In case of a draw, the winner will be picked randomly. Kyykkä-sets of Hiukkanen can be borrowed by asking anyone on the board of Hiukkanen.

A few of these activities you can perform in Hiukkanen outdoor activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays! On Tuesday 23.2. we will be playing snow football and there will an ice-skating trip to Näsijärvi on Thursday (more info coming later).
From this link you can join the Hiukkanen Sports Telegram-group where will be more info on the Hiukkanen outdoor activities and which is also a great platform to ask somebody to do the activities together!
1. Skating
2. Skiing
3. Go sledging
4. Kyykkä
5. Snowball fight
6. Making a snowman
7. Making a snow angel
8. Mountain conquest
9. Ice fishing
10. Walk or run in the wintry landscape
11. Sauna bathing
12. Snow football
13. Ice Lake Swimming
14. Downhill skiing