Hiukkanen’s board applicants for the year 2021

It is again the time of year when tension intensifies and it is time to reveal the identities of those who have applied to Hiukkanen’s board. As in previous years, this year there are also a record number of applicants to the Board of the Hiukkanen. From this article, you can get acquainted with the chairperson candidates and you will also find all the other applicants by name. The chairman candidates will interview all those who have applied in their own time, but you will be able to get to know them at the Hiukkanen’s election panel on Wednesday 11 November. from 4 p.m. in the Campus Arena auditorium.

Board former (= chairperson) applicants

Milka-Maarika Salo

Hello everybody! I am Milka, a 4th-year Hiukkanen and a new candidate for the board former and the chairperson positions. I study chemistry as my major. Mathematics and possibly also physics are my minors. Next autumn I will also start my pedagogical studies. I’m originally from the countryside and nature is one of the things I sometimes miss while in Tampere. On my free time, I like to spend time at our guild room, hanging out with my friends, cooking and playing or trying different sports.

My “career” in the board of Hiukkanen started apparently in a very traditional way; an older active Hiukkanen came to me after the main party of the anniversary of Hiukkanen and said: “Hey Milka, you will apply to become the next hostess of Hiukkanen.” A short conversation followed though some on the details have been forgotten. From a very young age, I have learned to follow the orders of the elder and wiser, so in 2019 I was the hostess of Hiukkanen. I really liked working on the board and after being the hostess for a year I applied for the guild master’s position, where I have been working this year. Already at the beginning of the year 2020, I was thinking I might be interested in becoming the chairperson of Hiukkanen in the future. This year, besides the guild master’s jobs, I have been working as the vice-chairperson of Hiukkanen and helping the current chairman Matti. So I have become familiar with different kinds of important paperwork and applications already. Chairperson is the position I want to take on next year.

I consider myself social, easy to approach and precise. I am capable of telling my own opinions and yet interested in hearing other perspectives and different opinions. Hiukkanen has a place in my heart and I would like to be a part of those people continuing and developing our guild towards an even better and more open direction.

Board applicants

Here you can see the board applicants in form of a name and the position they are applying for:

Jussi KelavuoriCorporate relations
Samu SalkoXQrsion official
Katariina KylämäkiEvent official
Tuomas PihlavaEvent official
Heidi MattilaSecretary
Mira SäeSecretary
Kalle LehtolaTreasurer
Sini SarkolaStudies official
Thao Mi RintalaGuild master
Sami MäkipääHost
Samuli AerikkalaFuksi captain
Lauri AhlqvistFuksi captain
Suvi HoppuFuksi captain
Heini PitkärantaFuksi captain
Matias RautanenFuksi captain
Roope SalonenFuksi captain
Iisa AromäkiHostess