Board officials 2020 introduction

Alumni and tradition officials

Alumni and tradition officials form the backbone of the guild and ensures that the guild’s operation respect history and its notable persons. Because what would we be if we had no history? This year, this important lighthouse of civilization has been guarded by alumni official Niko and tradition official Aapo, and their duties have included liaising with the alumni association of Hiukkanen, reforming the brand rules and establishing an honorary committee. Applying for the role of these officials can be recommended to anyone, but mastering the use of hashtag #before in the right place is considered an advantage. 

Fuksi officials


We are Laura and Moo, the fuksi officials. We work as the fuksi responsible’s right and left hands organizing all kinds of fun shenanigans for not only Hiukkanen’s fuksis, but also with the Fuksi council for all fuksis. This job includes for example fuksisaunas, fuksisitsit, checkpoint orienteering, and organizing orientation week, as well as a lot of hanging out with the fuksis and tutors! Our term lasts from wappu to wappu when we get dipped with the fuksis in the rapids. The fuksi official applications open in springtime, so when it’s time apply apply apply, this job is suuuuuuuuper fun, so get hyped to meet new people and organize all kinds of fun stuff <3

TEK contact person

This year the link between TEK and our guild has been Roosa, our TEK ambassador. The main responsibilities of the TEK ambassador include TEK presentations for new students during orientation week and maintaining the cooperation between TEK and Hiukkanen. TEK is always eager to support us, and this year Roosa´s job has mainly been concerned with sponsorship requests for our events.  


The nakkifuksis take care of the biowaste and return the cans from our guild room. At autumn the nakkifuksis also arrange pre-christmas sauna for our guild’s members. Being a nakkifuksi is pretty easy and fun way to get familiar with our guild’s board, and next spring we will seek for more nakkifuksis, so please apply! 

The events team

The events team is behind the scenes of The Ekat Bileet, sitsis, annual celebration parties, and other smaller events. The event official’s duties include delegating tasks to the event official’s helpers, Jenni and Lauri. Helper’s role is an easy and fun way to learn how the event organizing works behind the scenes – not to mention all the new people you will get to meet! The event official is the head responsible for the events. If the role of the main event official scares you, don’t hesitate to apply for an event official’s helper. 

Excursion assistant and minister of foreign relations

In order to walk in to the bus at 7:30 am and drive to teekkarisauna in Lappeenranta, you first need to create a reason to travel to Lappeenranta. The solution is simple: Hire the sexcursion official and her lovely assistant. They will put together an epic excursion, that the companies and other guilds want to be a part of. What goes to companies during the day, to saunas during the evening and to accommodation during the night? The excursion bus!

The minister of foreign relations is in charge of the relation between own guild and foreign guilds. For example under the influence … of the worldwide mm-kyykkä he organizes a smaller kyykkä-related event: Ystävyyskyykkä. There only the rare and few apprentices of the hard sciences (read natural sciences) are invited to negotiate upon the future of excursions. Altough they forget to exchange their names and contact information…

In the picture the excursion assistant keeps a watch on passing guilds, whether to stop by or not.

International and English Bachelor Degree Official

Ella has been this year’s International and English Bachelor Degree Official in Hiukkanen. As an international official she has organized international events with TaSciEn, provided information about internationalization possibilities in our university to students, such as exchange info event, and made sure that all information is available also in English. To be an International Official is fun and you can do things/events according to your fields of interest! 

IT Official

This year Severi Kosonen was official at the IT sector. Here tasks mainly involve updating and upkeeping email-lists and websites, and also occasional little tasks on where bytes might move around.  Also if you can get the budget from the board, the sky is the limit on what you can do. Little knowledge on coding might come handy, but in no way is a requirement. Even though these tasks might seem difficult, you wont have to be alone in it, so even a one-year old could do the job.

Corporate relations officials

The massive list of corporate relations for Hiukkanen needs more than one pair of hands to be managed. This year there has been two corporate officials to help Leo out. The work is surprisingly diverge ranging from choosing and managing XQ-firms to discussing collaborations and making RekryLab happen with other student organizations from TUNI. As an official you get to work as a student contact to firms of your choosing, and together with the corporation ponder what kinds of collaborations would benefit both. And of course, you’re always free to carry out any ideas concerning corporate relations! 

Treasurer’s assistant

Hiukkanen’s financial sector is taken care of by official treasurer and now introduced treasurer’s assistant. This year Kalle has been doing this job. This includes for example, budgeting expenses, selling and if necessary, ordering badges for overalls and of course, acting as the right (or left) hand of the treasurer. Even if you don’t have previous experience of this kind of tasks, don’t worry: there isn’t too much job for a one person, and you will learn if you get elected. Treasurer’s assistant is also a very good way to see what kind of job an official treasurer is. 

Hostess’ helper

Hiukkanen’s hostess’ (emännistö) job is to organize guilds sauna evenings, hallituswaihtarit, summer gathering and the fuksiweekend. Heini has worked as the hostess’ helper (emännän apu) this year, and Sini as the hostess (emäntä). Hostess’ helper helps the Hostess, so suprising! The hostess’ helper is a board official but all the organizing is done as a team with the Hostess! The events are divided along the year, so the workload doesn’t build up easily. Apply for emännistö if you want to be a part of making sauna events and other fun events for the guild!   

Communications sector

Asta, Emma, Roosa and Nonna form the communications sector of Hiukkanen’s board. Nonna is the editor in chief of Liaani who takes care of our guild magazine Liaani and it’s staff. Liaani is published a few times a year and the editor in chief takes care of brainstorming sessions for the magazine, collecting the articles and the publishing of the final product. Nonna is also the graphic designer and she is responsible for different graphic materials, e.g. posters, banners and läsys. Our photographer Roosa is present in our events capturing Hiukkanen’s most precious moments which are found at the new and fine Hiukkasgalleria. Our social media official Emma takes care of our Instagram and Facebook pages by inventing fabulous posts and magnificient Facebook events. Hiukkanen’s informational official Asta gathers information from all over the school and then writes the weekly information email with her bonus weekly tips. She also takes care of Hiukkanen’s email lists and Hiukkanen tiedotus -information Telegram channel. 

Help of studies official

In autumn Anna has worked as the helper of study official. As a helper your task will be to help the study official with many various projects which are planned and executed together. This fall we have organized a minor subject fair and a presentation of graduates ’s jobs on the website. For the next year we have initially planned a renewing of the exam archive. So, at this job you ‘ll be able to remodel and influence! 

If you got interested just apply at a low barrier! You will always have official helping you! 

Host’s helper

To avoid too much work, the Host has hired himself a helping hand also known as The Host’s helper Sami. He helps Janne to move Tarzan and repairing it if needed. Also in Hosts there’s a chance to work around easily fixable things in guild room. This year Hosts have mainly used Sami’s car to transfer Tarzan, because Janne doesn’t have car with coupling hook in Hervanta. You don’t need to own that kind of car if you want to be a part of Hiukkanen Hosts. There’s always someone who already own one (for example Sami :D). Host’s helper has not so much work so Sami has helped other guild members if his help is needed. 

More coming soon!