Hiukkanen’s election panel

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, but why? Well, because of the Hiukkanen’s election panel! In the election panel, the members can ask kinky and less kinky questions from those who have applied to the board. Applicants are visible here. Questions have been prepared in advance for the interviewees, some of which should be published in advance for the whole nation:

  • Introduce yourself and explain why you are applying to the board next year? Why did you choose this position?
  • Give an example of success, for example, from your organization or study career
  • Tell one failure of your organizational or study career? What do you learn from it?
  • What is your biggest weakness and how would it show up next year in government?

In addition to these questions, other questions have been drafted in connection with the positions at hand, which will only become apparent on the spot. Members also have the opportunity to ask questions either on-site or in advance using this form. The panel will be streamed and recorded so that everyone can get to know the applicants.

The panel schedule is as follows:

  • Start in the Campus Arena auditorium on Wednesday 11.11. at 16:15. Applicants should arrive on time.
  • Questions common to all applicants
  • Position-specific questions in order:
    • Candidates for the formation of the Board and Chairman
    • Corporate relations
    • XQrsion official
    • Event official
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • Studies official
    • Guild master
    • Host
    • Hostess
    • Fuksi captain
  • Finishing up