New Students

The Guild of Science and Engineering is the subject association for the students of the degree programme in science and engineering. This means the mayor of most of our members is physics, mathematics or chemistry on the Finnish side and our international members mostly are studying in the international bachelor’s programme for science and engineering.

The main task of Hiukkanen is to create a community for students studying these subjects so they can find people like them, help with studies and organize sport and hangout events. Further the tasks include supervising the interests of their students, receiving and tutoring new students, and organizing various events such as corporate visits, sauna parties and sitsits.

In addition, our guild has its own guild room, where you can, for example, play various games, study or just hang out between lectures. Here you can read more about our guild and activities. If you are starting your studies on fall 2021 (or spring 2022), join new fuksis’ Facebook group here.

Picture: Veli-Matti Korpelainen / TT-kamerat

Study with us

In the international bachelor’s programme for science and engineering you choose one major and one minor out of Physics, Mathematics and ICT. There will also be a lot of common core courses, so you can make the decision about major and minors at the end of your first year. At that point also a second, smaller minor is chosen, for which around 10 different options are possible. More details about the program can be found in the study guide.

For more general information about studies within Hiukkanen please see our studies page. More information about the Finnish degrees can be found in the Finnish version of this page.

Where do we go after we graduate?

One third of the members of Hiukkanen are employed for academic careers, one third for companies and one third for teachers. Overall, it depends on your own interests and desire. You can read more about our alumni here.


On this website you may come across several new and strange words. These words will become familiar to you already during the orientation week, but for the understanding of the texts on this website here are a few words explained:

Fuksi: First year students, who has not yet participated in teekkari dipping.

Teekkari: A technical student who has participated in teekkari dipping.

Alumni: A graduated student.

Teekkarikaste: During Wappu fuksis are dipped into the Tammerkoski. The dipped fuksis die and are born as new teekkaris, so after you have been dipped you can call yourself a teekkari.

Wappu: Celebration full of different events going on for around two weeks. On the last day of it, 1st of May, Teekkarikaste is happening.

Guild/Kilta: Student association of technical students.

Tutor: Older student, who is in charge of guiding first year students, so fuksis.

Campus: Area, where University buildings are located.

Fuksi captains/Fuksi officials: Guild officer, whose job is to take care of all the guild’s first year students and coordinate the activities of the tutors. The best friend of fuksis next to the tutors <3

Haalarit/Overalls: Student’s identification clothes/insignias used for student events. The colour of Hiukkanen’s overalls is purple. Fuksis collect the money for their overalls with selling ads, that are then printed on them.

Teekkarilakki/Teekkari cap: The iconic emblem of the teekkari, which to some extend resembles Finnish student caps (received at graduating high school) but has a black tassel.

When you get a place to study

First of all, congratulations to you! Admission to study with us is not a small thing, we are trained by technology and science experts who have the know-how to share with others. However, starting your studies is not just a pat on your own back, so here is a list of things to do before you start studying:

  • Take your place to study and register as attending / absent
  • Start looking for housing, if you need it
  • Remember to apply for scholarships on time!
  • Check out the pages of our university community, especially the material for the new student here
  • Check out our study sites for the Finnish degree program here or the international degree program here
  • For international degree students: get in contact with your tutors, i.e. via email, Guidebook or Telegram (they will contact you via email during summer, if they haven’t yet)
  • Arrive to Hervanta and Näyttämönpuisto before the Jump start on Sunday the 22th of August, where you can familiarize yourself with the orientation week and the teekkari culture.

Fuksiliaani – what is it?

Fuksiliaani is the guilds online magazine that tells new students about our activities and people behind the action. With the help of it you can get to know the tutors, fuksi captains, and board members of Hiukkanen in advance. These are also the people you will see many times during your first year. Check out Fuksiliaani here!

You can also contact our fuksi captains if you have any questions:

Mea Nevanranta


mea.nevanranta(at) TG: eukkaneuvos

Heidi Mattila

fuksitoimari (syksy)

heidi.j.mattila(at) TG: heidimattila

Samuli Ranto

XQ-toimari & fuksitoimari (syksy)

samuli.ranto(at) TG: levyneuvos