Contact Information

Teknis-luonnontieteellinen kilta Hiukkanen ry

Address information

  • Korkeakoulunkatu 3
  • 33720 Tampere
  • 045 1533 503 (our guild room’s phone, please contact our board with email)

Email addresses

  • Whole board: hallitus(at)
  • Chairperson: puheenjohtaja(at)
  • Informing: tiedotus(at)
  • Corporate relations: yritysvastaava(at)

If you want to share an ad with our members, send it to tiedotus(at) in Finnish and in English. We don’t share ads only in Finnish or only in English.

Other information

  • Kiltahuone: SA 025
  • TimeZone: UTC+2:07
  • Telegram-groups with invites, ask