Hiukkanen is the guild of science and engineering students of Tampere University. The members of Hiukkanen study applied mathematics, technical physics or chemistry as their major. Hiukkanen also provides a unique possibility to combine science and engineering and pedagogical studies. Students of Hiukkanen are connected by the enthusiastic curiosity of the world and natural phenomena. They are eager to apply analytical and mathematical methods in the attempt of utilizing these phenomena for the advancement of humanity.


Most popular of the majors among students of Hiukkanen is technical physics. Specialities at Tampere University in the Physics studies are aerosol physics as well as optics and photonics. The second most popular choice is mathematics, while chemistry is the third most popular.

In the bachelor's degree, the most popular minors are software engineering, mathematics, physics, and industrial management. In master studies, the most common minors are the pedagogical studies, physics, mathematics, and software engineering.

Why collaborate with students?

Many students of Hiukkanen are employed already during their studies in relevant companies and research groups of the university. Therefore, companies are seeking for talented students already before they graduate. One of the best ways to get in touch with the students are the guilds and student associations.

Contact us!

Please contact our corporate relations officer Anni Savolainen or other members of corporate relations team Teresia Strandén and Mikko Suominen if you are interested in collaborating with Hiukkanen! You can find the contact information below, just hover your mouse over the images.