For students

What is corporate relations?

Hiukkanen’s corporate relations teams main objective is to help our members to find jobs create contacts into the corporate world. To achieve this goal, we work with corporations and firms in our field and try to find interesting career opportunities for all our members!

Contrary to a common belief, corporate relations work isn’t telemarketing. We do not sell something, we solve problems: How can students and corporations find each other? To tackle this problem, we’ve created many different solutions…


RekryLAB is a recruitment event by Hiukkanen, MIK, Bioner, YKI, Skilta and Biopsi. It is composed of a career fair and annually changing follow-up event. When contacting firms for RekryLAB, we concentrate on our fields firms so that the event is truly custom made for our members! RekryLAB is a big event that needs lots of workforce, for example in terms of designing fair leaflets or generating- and executing new ideas.


Excursions combine work and pleasure! Hiukkanen organizes trips around Finland. Goals: Visit many interesting and varying firms while having the time of your life with your friends in the excubus.

"Excursions are the greatest thing to do with your pants on!" – Teemu Teekkari

E-mail ads

What is the easiest way to find job ads from our field? Just open your email, where you have job ads from many firms from our field of studies, delivered by corporate relations team.

… In addition to these solutions we also advertise firms for instance in Tarzan, anniversary celebrations, Liaani and Hiukkanen’s website.

Why join us?

The work that corporate relations team does is vital both for employment of our students and financing our guild. Corporate relations team i composed of the officer in charge, one or more corporate relations assistants and a number of other team members. The officer and assistants are also members of Hiukkanen’s board, but other members can concentrate solely on corporate relations work.

By joining corporate relations team you get valuable experience and contacts to corporate world while simultaneously helping fellow students and Hiukkanen. As a team member you get to do work according to your interests and strength from contacting old partner firms to scouting for new ones. Other ways to help is to assist in our many events for example by maintaining our social media accounts, helping to organize events, designing different brochures etc. or innovating new ways to do corporate relations!

Lastly to mention, companies pay to collaborate with us. These funds are a significant source of income to Hiukkanen, and the guild would not be able to work the way it is working currently without corporate relations.

Okay, you got me. Where do I sign up?

The corporate relations team consists of the responsible, officials and a varying bunch of corporate relations team members. The responsible and officials are members of the board of Hiukkanen but the team members are not. As a corporate relations team member you can familiarize yourself with corporate relations.

If you are interested, contact the corporate relations team. Contact information can be found from the Board-page!