RekryLAB on poikkitieteellinen rekrytointitapahtuma, joka kokoaa teknis-luonnontieteellisen, materiaalitekniikan, ympäristö- ja energiatekniikan, sähkötekniikan, sekä biotekniikan ja -teknologian opiskelijat ja yritykset yhteen.

The event is composed of a career fair which is held in Tampere, Hervanta and an annually changing follow-up event.

RekryLAB is the best way to reach highly skilled and promising students and it is held in mid-January, just at the time of summer job search. Come and let us help you find your future employees!


Many times, the best way to tell about your company is to show it what you do on the spot. Hiukkanen organizes trips around Finland and possibly even abroad. During these trips, we can come to your place so that you can A: show us what you do, and B: create more personal relationships with our students!

Business saunas

No one loves sauna more than an engineering student! Business sauna is an event where companies can tell about themselves or organize other (business oriented or not) activities in which they can get to know our students in a relaxed atmosphere. We can host sauna-events here in Hervanta, Tampere or we can come to the sauna of your choice.

Annual celebrations

Hiukkanen’s annual celebrations offer a company visibility in a very special and valuable celebration for students. A company representative has an excellent chance to network and make valuable contacts with the students.

Our annual celebrations offer a chance for giving an oration or handing over a gift which are excellent ways of giving the company a face. Sponsoring possibilities are also offering a main course, transportation or a venue.

Orientation week and fuksi weekend

Orientation week is an intensive week of grouping and introduction to university studies for freshmen in the beginning of the first period. In the orientation week, there are plenty of evening activities organized for the freshmen. Companies can participate in the activities by offering food, for instance. Freshmen need studying equipment and books as well.

Freshmen weekend is a two-day event organized in a traditional place every autumn for new students. Its main purpose is to familiarize freshmen with each other and introduce university research groups. Companies can participate in the event by offering transportation or food for the weekend, for example.

In return, we offer a sponsor company visibility in the events with the company’s logo and presentation in a screen, for instance.