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Hiukkanen? A Guild? What’s That?

A guild is a large (or smaller) group of people studying same subjects. A guild organizes free time activies to its members and helps them with their studies. More formally, a guild is a non-profit student association working under the student union.

Hiukkanen is the guild for students of science and engineering. Most of our members study physics, chemistry or mathematics. Some of us are also soon to become teachers of mathematical subjects.

Why and How to Join?

Joining a guild is a great way to meet Finnish people! As a member you’ll get info about all our events such as sauna evenings, excursions, sport turns etc. In addition you can get your own violet overall and enjoy the athmosphere of our lively guild room.

If you’re studying anything related to physics, mathematics or chemistry, you should definitely join our guild. If you’re a degree student studying medical physics, mathematics or nanotechnology, Hiukkanen is a right guild for you!

Joining our happy violet gang is easy! The annual membership fee is only 5,0 €. You can join by visiting our guildroom in the basement of Sähkötalo building or by contacting our international officer.

Contact Person


Joonas Salo
050 491 5567
IRC: broccoli