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Sauna Evenings

Each year we organize at least three sauna evenings in Teekkarisauna. One in autumn as an opening sauna, one which is our pre-Christmas sauna and then in spring there’s our spring sauna. In addition to these, we have many other sauna evenings together with other guilds, such as the opening sauna of our faculty and the sauna after the freshmen orienteering.

What is more, our mobile sauna Tarzan is always available and it’s a unique extra in our sauna evenings!


Two trips annually to some interesting cities in Finland (or maybe some other country…) to get to know local companies and the student life. In the spring there will have a few-day- spring excursion (kevät-xq) and in the autumn a longer and ”harder” rankka-xq. In the autumn there will be also a smaller excursion for the freshmen, and this trip usually takes less than one day.

Annual Party

In Finnish this is called SITSIT. The birthday of a guild is celebrated with elegance. For this evening everybody dresses in their best, eats gourmet and parties all night long.

Dodgeball tournament

Hiukkanen is organizing a dodgeball tournament every spring. This is quite a new tradition so there’s still plenty of space for new players and teams!

Pub Tour

In every autumn a great deal of our members gather together to visit several pubs first in Hervanta and then in the center of Tampere. This is a wonderful way to get to know which kinds of pubs Tampere has to offer.

And much more… Check out our photo gallery!

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