HELLOOOOOOOOO! I’m Niko and I’m starting my fourth year in Hiukkanen. I’m mainly studying physics, but also some material science aswell. Congratulations for making it to Hiukkanen – you’ve made a good choice!

I’m currently the hostess of Hiukkanen, which means that I’m basically in charge of all the sauna events we hold, together with Roosa. And what I mean by sauna event is not some typical sauna that TOAS offers, no. I’m talking about the almighty Teekkarisauna! Hopefully you’ll get to know this place and enjoy your time there whenever you can, it’s a cool place!

I’m also starting a competition: the first fuksi who makes his/her way to #hiukkanen (Hiukkanen’s IRC channel @ IRCNET) and says hi to me, wins a prize. What is the prize, you may ask. Well, I don’t know the answer to that yet!

Niko Gullsten
0400 346 613
tg: @Nakuttaja
Nakuttaja (irc)