Fuksi’s bestest friends

Hey and howdy!

Welcome and congratulations on admission to Hiukkanen and the good decision to study here 🙂 We are Erika and Nonna, your fuksi captains. With tutors, our mission is to guide you to the teekkari life. We will be there for you the whole fuksi year, which starts with the orientation week and ends with the amazing teekkari dipping, and we will tell you about all kind of events, for example sitsit, excursions and so on.

Erika will start her fourth year here at TUT in the autumn. Her major is technical physics and her minor is biomedical engineering. You can find Erika often at guild room or sometimes even at Tamppi Arena.

For her studies, Erika hopes to complete her bachelor thesis before Christmas. Luckily, you fuksis give something else to think about alongside this work-filled autumn. If you have any concerns now or later, you can contact me anytime!

Nonna will start her third year here at TUT with technical physics as her major and programming as minor. Studies have gotten to the point where bachelor’s degree is close, but that doesn’t stop Nonna from going to Hiukkanen’s events and also other guilds’ events. Nonna is as well active user of Hiukkanen’s guild room, so if you have anything to ask or you just want to chat, come to our guild room 🙂

We believe that your fuksi year will be one of the best years of your life. It is worth to participate in different events and find out what kind of events we have here. In TUT you can also find great number of different clubs and other possible ways to continue your hobby, or even start a new one! Together with tutors, we will ensure that each of you will certainly find a place in TUT and Hiukkanen.

In the end, your fuksi year culminates in a teekkari dipping, where fuksis will die and born again as teekkaris. You should not miss this event for any price! So work hard during your fuksi year and earn the honor name of Teekkari.

PS: We’ll be organizing a head start for the semester before the orientation week, at Sunday 19th of August. More information

Nonna Saarinen
Telegram: @nuussuananas
040 742 0442

Erika Nojonen
Telegram: @erikaru
044 257 6560