Host’s second hand

Hello and also Greetings and salutations To everyone and the others. 🙂

I, known as Patrik, do my duties as humble servant of Thy Godlord-Tarzanmaster Antti, because apart from enjoying sauna-ing, carving wood for fire and to be cold, I also enjoy being helpful to others.

Helping others includes but is not limited to following things:
a) I’m happy to tell you the variety of possibilities out there in Bommari.[1]
b) I’ll act as a member of Professional Certified Authentic Majestic Fourteen Tutors of Hiukkanen.
c) I find everything interesting and will have a chat about anything.
d) I’ll probably participate the event if it exists.

Oh and to mention something about studying, I appreciate research in university life, as play is the highest form of research[2]. I most likely choose techical physics as my major and my minor could be everything.

[1] From the Rakennustalo building, you can take the lift or stairs down to the bomb shelter – Bommari – where there are different sports facilities. Internet:
[2] Einstein I guess.

Patrik Parviainen
tg: @Pheytr1x