Antti studies technical physics as a major and electronics as a minor because it amuses him. He’s now starting his second year at TUT from which he’ll be acting as Hiukkanen’s godlord-Tarzanmaster for the rest of this year. Together with his assistance, Antti is in charge of the guild’s portable sauna Tarzan and its maintenance, renting, and transportation to Hiukkanen’s events. In addition to the birthmark located on he’s right ham, Antti can be recognized from his numerous jolly T-shirts and the static background noise dominating inside of his head. His most important hobbies are guitar playing, regularly irregular gym training, and disc golf. Antti is also a tutor for the coming fuksis, meaning YOU! From this naturally kind and enthusiastic young teekkari you can, must and will ask anything from the location of the next lecture room, to the origin story of his lengthy nose hair. (Exactly 150 words). Editorial staff: It was 149 words.. and now it’s well over 150.

Antti Rantaniemi
tg: @runtuniemi