Studies official and head editor

Kuvaaja: Helmi Hytti /


I’m Aapo Honkakunnas (a.k.a Opna) and I am the Studies official of Hiukkanen and the Head editor of our guild’s magazine Liaani. I’ll start my fourth year and my major is mathematics. As a studies official, my job is to promote our interests in educational affairs and also to update our course library and exam archive. The job of the head editor offers something lighter and a chance to produce funnier and more politically incorrect material.

My favourite pastime activity is football, both playing and watching it. I’m better at watching but I still play futsal as a goalkeeper in one of our university’s teams. I also enjoy music and play the bass (and as a very important notion perform some backing vocals) in TLDP which is a party band based in Hiukkanen. When I have time, I like just to hang out at the guild room drinking coffee and joking around.

Welcome to Hervanta and see you at our events!

Aapo Honkakunnas
tg: @Opnakunnas