Event coordinator

I’m Iiris but most people call me Liris. I’m the event official of Hiukkanen and I organize all kinds of events for you with event team. Hiukkanen has lots of various events so everyone finds something. Last spring we had Sushi evening, sport events like aerial yoga, friend sitsit, board game evenings etc.

I study chemistry and this autumn I start my third year on TUT. Last year I was the helper of the event official and I learned how to arrange events and now I’m in charge. If I have time outside school and events I like chilling in guild room or in band rehearsals playing the violin in our band TLDP.

I recommend you all to to various events. You’ll have fun there and there you meet new people and get friends. See you next autumn. And don’t forget the The Ekat Bileet (The First Party of year) on Tuesday during orientation week!

Iiris Hyttinen
tg: @Linkerii