Photographer & social media and anniversary officer

Hello hello!

People usually call me Asta, and next autumn I will start my third year of studies. I’m studying physics as my major subject, because it’s the best, and for my minor subject I chose biomeasurements, because I wanted to study something that has a bit more to do with technology, as I’m studying in a university of technology. In the future I would really hope to do something in the field of medical technology.

In addition to studying I spend time in student and guild activities (which is how I suddenly got three jobs as an officer of the board of our guild). That leaves the rest of my free time for sleeping and watching TV. Okay, I try to do some sports occasionally (aka zumba once a week) and I play the flute in the best party band in the school, TLDP, the members of which obviously are from Hiukkanen. During the next autumn I will start the preparation for the 30th anniversary of our guild, so in case you’re interested in that, contact me! I wish you the best of luck for your fuksi year!

Asta Peräkylä
tg: @Baastu