Corporate relations coordinator and vice-chair

Hello dear Fuksis and welcome to Hiukkanen! I am Patrik and responsible for the corporate relations of Hiukkanen. As knowledge of one’s field and vast contact network are vital assets on the field of technic, Hiukkanen seeks to help its students by collaborating with companies of our field. We organize excursions, as well as a fair for them and we also sell visibility for companies interested in the future aka. us.

Even though I know from experience that it may be difficult at the beginning of the year to focus on anything else than the first exams, I strongly recommend taking part in the extra-curricular activities, especially those involving companies and the industry, and making contacts as much as possible, including the Finns 🙂 Should you want to take part in organizing corporate relations, the overall project is a good way to start! In this project you work with your fellow Fuksis, contact companies and finance your Hiukkanen’s-violet overalls. I will also be there to help and give info at the start of the project.

I am also the vice chairman of Hiukkanen, which means I help our chairwoman Riina in everyday tasks of the guild and represent our guild if need be. Hence practically all matters considering our guild are somewhat familiar to me so do come talk to me if there is anything on your mind 🙂

I wish you a pleasant Fuksiyear look forward to meeting all of you!

Patrik Rajala
040 5180208
Telegram: @gambleroffate