A little bit about Hiukkanen’s board

The activities of Hiukkanen are organized by its board, that consists of roughly 30 board members and officials – all students from our study program. Although the word board may sound a bit ”official”, it is not really the case. It is an easy place to challenge yourself and try new things. You’ll also get to know a lot of people from our guild and beyond. 🙂

The board is led by the chairperson Opna, who has something to say to all newcomers: ”Congratulations for making it here and welcome to Hiukkanen! This is quite a good place to study! (this sentence is actually almost funny in Finnish, there is a ”fun” wordplay where our guild’s name fits very well). I encourage you to participate actively in our events and if you are interested about the board, we have a few spots for ”nakkifuksis”, which is a great opportunity to get familiar with our guild. But more info from that later. From my experience, I’d recommend it!”