Akseli and Mikko

Hello to all the lovely new first year students, or ‘fuksis’ of Hiukkanen! Rest assured, you have all made a great choice in study place, and us tutors in purple overalls are here to ensure that you will feel this way through your first year and for the rest of your life.

We (Mikko [left side of the photo] and Akseli [right side of the photo]) are both tutors in the international Science and Engineering programme, but both of us are Finnish born and raised with great connections to the Finnish programme. We will be more than happy to answer questions from both international and Finnish students and it is our strong aim to bridge the gap between international and Finnish students whenever possible.

Mikko is a 19-year-old Finnish boy and has spent his whole life in Tampere. His grandmother is from the USA, and therefore he studied in English through pre- and primary school. English acts as a second mother tongue for him and this along with his interest in natural sciences was the main reason for him to choose the international programme in Science and Engineering. Mikko is starting his second year in the Autumn.

In his free time, Mikko coaches football for the club he used to play for, along with hanging with friends and just having fun. Mikko is a connoisseur especially when it comes to activities outside of studying, but any help you may need with studies, settling down, or life in general, he’ll be happy to give you support.

I’m Akseli. I’m a third year student of IT and maths. I was born and raised in this city and I can say you all have an excellent taste. I actually study in our guild’s  Finnish program, but I’ve always been a very international-minded person so I thought tutoring

English-speaking students would be fun and interesting. I speak English, Finnish, some Swedish and French too. I like to have fun in the amazing student events we have at Tampere University. I really liked to chill and drink free coffee at our guildroom and I was sad when it was closed, but I’m glad it’s opening next autumn.

We hope the current situation isn’t taking too much of a toll and you guys are still hyped to join our great community this Autumn. We can’t wait to get to know all of you and we’re sure we’ll have an unforgettable year together. Talk to ya soon!


Mikko Savisaari

Email: mikko.savisaari@tuni.fi

Telegram: @mikkosavisaari


Akseli Kalliomäki

Email: akseli.kalliomaki@tuni.fi

Telegram: @skilleri