Anna and Max

Warmest welcomes to our new little fuksis! The first student year is full of exciting and, perhaps, a little intimidating new things. We, the tutors of the purplest guild, are here to guide you through the latter and share your emotions on the first.

Max is starting his second year in the international science and engineering programme. His favorite subjects in this programme are ICT and physics. He chose to study in Finland in order to dodge the tuition fees in the United States and experience everyday Finnish life after only visiting his relatives during the summer. Max’s hobbies are playing games and going on walks with friends.

Anna, soon to be the 3rd year student of Science and Engineering. Originally from Russia. Majoring in Physics in hope to reveal the secrets of the universe sometime soon. Works at the laser technology company here, in Tampere. In free time does sports, handcrafting – and all those sorts of things you are most likely to encounter in the “hobby” section of English language student book. Also enjoys playing tabletop RPGs whenever there is a good company around. 

Contact us, friendly people, should you have any questions or comments, we are happy to help. Can’t wait to see you all as soon as we get the chance. Stay safe!


Max Hollmen


Telegram: @Max_Hollmen

+358 45 235 8683


Anna Filipchuk


Telegram: @littleAnkka

+358 40 323 0408