Roope and Zui

Hi guys,

Welcome to Hiukkanen. We are sure that your ‘fuksi’ year will be an amazing experience and that you will enjoy Tampere and studying at the university. We are here to help you throughout the entire year and especially in the first few months of settling in and meeting new people.

We (Zui and Roope) are both tutors in the international Science and Engineering program. Zui is Vietnamese and moved here from Vietnam, and Roope is Finnish, however he moved here from Singapore. We are both into sports and fitness, and will help you answer any questions you may have. Here is a short introduction about the both of us:

My real name is Duy, but it’s spelled like Zui (not with letter “D”). I’m from Vietnam and unlike other tutors, I’ve spent my whole life in Vietnam and the previous year was my first year living in a country which is over 7500 km away from my home. And as expected, there’s lots of things going on throughout the 1st year, good, bad, but more importantly lots of valuable lessons and experience, and I really want to share with you all of that. Mentioning that is just for reminding you that you don’t have to be afraid/overwhelmed like me last year and you will receive all necessary help. I think that one of the key things regarding having an easy life and a smooth transition like what you will go through is to have someone who has experienced the same thing you will experience throughout the first, two months show you the way, from different kinds of papers you have to do, culture shock, lifestyles, studies, weather,… 

I’m Roope, 19 years old and I was born in Finland. However, I have lived abroad for the past 13 years and therefore I have gone to school in English all of my life, which is why I chose this international degree program. The places I have lived include California in the US, New Delhi in India, Hanoi in Vietnam and Singapore; in addition to a couple cities in Finland. 

I’m a retired global level competitive swimmer of five years and now go to the gym almost daily to maintain fitness. If you have any questions about sports, moving to a new place, or anything really, I’ll help you answer them.

We are both excited for the coming school year, and to meet you all in August. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Zuy Vu


Telegram: @Zui Vu

+358 40 252 7179


Roope Mäkelä


Telegram: @roopemakela

+358 45 6567759