Some (=Hiukkasen) events

Congratulations to new fuksis! Your timing of starting studies at Hiukkanen is perfect, because at the end of this year our lovely guild Hiukkanen will turn 30 years and there will be a huge celebration. The annual celebration is on October and the week before the celebration, is filled with events. There will be cake and lots of stuff to do together.

What else are we doing than celebrating and studying? We have many sauna evenings at Teekkarisauna, which is right next to the campus. There you can spend time with your friends singing and enjoying the evening.  And of course our loved trailer sauna Tarzan is there. Besides sauna, we love to have sitsis (= academic table party). You can also sing and enjoy the night with your friends here. We also have many smaller events, fe  . before parties and game tournaments.