Internationality at our guild

Although TUT is a Finnish university, every year a significant amount of foreign students get admitted every year, in which about 60% are exchange students, that stay for for half a year or the whole year, and the rest are degree students, that stay for the whole duration of their degree studies

The guilds at TUT are doing a lot of work to make sure they don’t appear exclusive to the native students. For example all information published by the student union and all its affiliates are also in English. Also every guild has an international official, whose job is to be a contact person for the foreign students. And the easiest way to get information is to just ask.

Coming to Finland as an international student can be hard – cultural differences, maybe language barriers, a lot of unknown things can await or give an unpleasant awakening. TaSciEn is a newly found club that tries to help with this: getting together with the Fuksis (new 1st year students) and organizing events together with guilds will help uniting International Degree students and others interested and will in the process help their members to integrate into Finnish society and enjoy their time while studying at TUT.