Guild room. What’s that?

How does our guild Hiukkanen take care of it’s members? Hiukkanen arranges different events, safeguards and of course maintains our guild room. But what is a guild room and what can you do there?

You can find our guild room at Sähkötalo basement, more specifically at S025, but the best way to recognize it is from it’s purple door. There are many activities to do at our guild room, for example you can have a cup of coffee, hang out or play different kind of games. You may also want to use the guildroom as a place to study, because usually there is someone older (and possibly wiser) who can help you with your physics, math or other assignments. You can also buy some snacks, sodas or something sweet for your cravings from our guild room’s fridge. The guild room is usually open all day long, so welcome!