Welcome to Hiukkanen!

Congratulations for your place in the International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering and welcome to Hiukkanen. Hiukkanen is the guild for Science and Engineering students at TUT and also for students in the international Bachelor’s programme.

In TUT student association are called guilds, which gathers the students from the same field of study and promotes their interests in different ways and protect their rights. The name of our guild is Hiukkanen. Our colour is violet, so you recognize our students from violet overalls. Hiukkanen organize different kind of events year-around, for example sitsis, sauna evenings, different kind of gaming nights, sport- and culture events and different kind of events related to our studies. We also have a guild room, where you can spend your time round the clock.

Guilds are very important part of teekkari culture and your first contact to student life. At the first day, your tutors and guild fuksi people will introduce you to the campus and student life and help you with all the official matters and get you started with your studies. You can ask them anything and they will be with you for the whole fuksi year, from the beginning until the Teekkari dipping.
You can join our guild by paying the membership fee of 5 euros. The membership is voluntary and it will guarantee you a right to our member services, such as our e-mail list. In TUT, the e-mail is the most important media where you get all the information and news about our events and your studies.

Sincerely welcome to Hiukkanen. I can almost guarantee that this year will be the best year of your life. Try to participate everything without prejudice and you can find new sides about yourself! Atleast I have. If you have anything to ask, contact me by e-mail or phone. We will see you in the autumn!

Joni Heikkilä
Chairman of the Board
Hiukkanen, Guild of Science and Engineering Te
Telegram: @Appron