Information for new students

Sometimes it can be a bit hard to internalize all the information before and after you´ve started as a new student, but no worries! You can usually find all that information… somewhere? It may also be difficult to remember all the places where you can find the information. That´s why we have assembled this collection of all (or most of) the information channels we use at our guild.

What is Hiukkanen and how can I find more information of it?

Hiukkanen is a nickname for a guild of Science and engineering, which is a subject association for students of natural sciences in Tampere University. More information of Hiukkanen can be found at the website

I got a degree place, what should I do next?

To help new students to get started, a few important steps have been collected on a website that’s worth reading right away. There’s also other useful information for freshmen starting their studies in fall, so click the link and check it out!

I got the degree place, but I don’t know how to speak university. Where can I find more information?

There is a versatile databank for freshmen on Hiukkanen’s website about studying, what to do after degree place has been accepted and useful vocabulary. After reading this page university will be your first language!

What is Fuksiliaani?

Fuksiliaani is an online release for freshmen, where all the essential information has been collected. In Fuksiliaani you’ll find introduction to fuksis’ best friends tutors and fuksi captains, guild’s activities, important dates for the fall semester and useful links. Congratulations, you have found Fuksiliaani! 

Where can I find up to date information about Hiukkanen’s events?

Primarily the information about Hiukkanen’s events is published on the website and Facebook. The dates of events can be found from the newsletter and on the notice board at our guild room. You can also follow us on Instagram @hiukkanenry, where you can find pictures of the events and useful information for students. In addition, Hiukkanen has a channel on Telegram for further information about event sign up dates etc. Join the channel here.

What newsletter?

A newsletter is weekly sent to all Hiukkanen’s members via email. The newsletter contains dates about Hiukkanen’s events, a compilation of TREY’s (Student union of Tampere University) newsletter and info about other university wide events, polls and facts. The newsletter may contain for example ads about master’s thesis or trainee positions and Tampere Teekkari’s announcements. Also, if informational official is not being lazy, some fun comic relief in the end. The newsletter should be always at least glanced through and read the headlines. The newsletter starts coming to your inbox as soon as you become a member of Hiukkanen. Join a member as soon as the semester starts!

I would like to get to know some students of Hiukkanen before the semester starts, can I do that?

There is a Telegram group for people studying at Hiukkanen or those who just otherwise like us, you can join in through this link. Every single human being is welcome to join in and anyone can take part in the conversation. There is many students studying in our field, so it’s a perfect place to for example ask experiences about Hiukkanen or what’s it like to study at Hiukkanen.